2018 International 14 World Championships

August 12 - 25, 2018
Richmond Yacht Club Located in Point Richmond, California
on San Francisco Bay's Richmond Riviera
37° 54' 29" N Latitude, 122° 23' 00" W Longitude

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Racing on San Francisco Bay

The Bay as we affectionally call it, is home to some of the best and most consistent racing anywhere. Numerous classes have held their National and World championship events here, even America's Cup 34.

Video from the 2017 North American Championships
Jackie Haudek & Heather Rutz-Leighton
Photos from the 2017 North American Championships
© Byung Mitchell
© Jen Virskus
Writeup from Terry Gleeson
Writeup from Jenn Virskus in Latitude 38


Wind Speeds: 12-18 knots, occasional gusts to 25 knots
Temperatures: 50 - 60 ºF, 10 - 16 ºC on the water
50 - 75 ºF, 10 - 24 ºC at RYC
Sea State: Wind driven chop, 1 - 3 feet, 0.3 - 1 meters
Lots more weather info!

Race Info


San Francisco Bay Chart
Google Map of San Francisco Bay

Notice of Race & Sailing Instructions

14 World N0R
14 World N0R Attachment A
Sailing Instructions
Amendment 2

Results & Reports

Individual results
Team race results
Daily reports, video, pictures & more
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Practice Race results
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Race One results
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International 14 World Champs 2018 - Day Three - Race Two, VR Sport Media
Race 2 Report
Race Two results
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International 14 World Champs 2018 – Day Four – Race Three, VR Sport Media
Race 3 Report
Race Three results


Individual registration
Team race registration, for team captains (one team per country, extra teams up to a total of 8 maybe permitted)

Who's coming?

AUS – 11, (9–10 boats estimated)
CAN - 10, (11-12 boats estimated)
GBR - 13, (2 containers, 18-20 boats estimated)
GER - 10, (1 container, 10 boats estimated)
ITA – 1, (1 boat estimated)
FRA – (1 boat estimated)
USA – 16, (24-38 boats estimated)

Current total 61 boats
Current registrations

Schedule of Races Add to calendar

Team Racing

Date Time
Sunday August 12 Sign in & measurement 10:00 – 16:00
Welcome and introduction of Teams 17:30
Monday August 13 Team Racing competitors’ briefing 10:00
Team Racing Round Robin 12:00 warning
Tuesday August 14 Team Racing Semi Finals and Finals 12:00 warning
Team Racing Dinner at RYC (ticketed) 18:30

Individual Racing

Date Time
Monday August 13 Sign in & measurement 10:00 – 12:00
Tuesday August 14 Sign in & measurement 10:00 – 12:00
Wednesday August 15 Sign in & measurement 10:00 – 12:00
Opening Ceremony & Reception 16:30 - 17:30
Thursday August 16 Practice race 12:30 warning
Friday August 17 Race 1 12:30 warning
Saturday August 18 Race 2 12:30 warning
Sunday August 19 Race 3 12:30 warning
World Council Meeting, RYC Board room 17:00
Monday August 20 Race 4 12:30 warning
Tuesday August 21 Reserve Day
Wednesday August 22 Race 5 12:30 warning
Thursday August 23 Race 6 12:30 warning
Friday August 24 Race 7 12:30 warning
World‘s Awards Banquet (ticketed) 18:30
Saturday August 25 Load containers 07:30 - 17:00

Frequently asked questions

Meal Plan, in two words, get it.
Cash (aka US$), transactions at the club will require cash, there is an ATM at the club and one in town Mechanics Bank.
Bar hours, 16:00 - 22:00 daily (subject to change).
There will be a gate code in your reg packet, so that you can enter and leave club grounds after hours.
There will also be a Wifi password in your reg packet so you can tell those that didn't come what they missed!


Area Maps

Map of the Point


Richmond Yacht Club will be able to host a limited numbers of competitors at nearby members homes and boats on a first come first served basis. In past regattas we have been able to host almost everybody.
We are currently over subscribed, with 102 requests and 102 beds (working on more beds!). If you would like to join our waiting list, please contact our housing team.

Other Nearby Accommodations

RV Parking

There is room for a limited number of RVs in the west parking lot next to the containers. We can not accomodate tent camping. Please contact the Harbor Master, to reserve RV space.
John Dinwiddie
1 (510) 234-6959

Things to bring

One, preferably two 4 foot step ladders to climb into and out of your container (they will be on their road trailers)
If you don't plan on renting/hiring a car, bring a bike so you can get around.
If you are being put up, bringing a sleepig bag may come in handy.
Please make sure to bring a towel (or two), especially if you are staying on a boat.


There may be room to tie up your big boat if you are interested in sailing to RYC for the event. Contact the Harbor Master.
John Dinwiddie
1 (510) 234-6959

More details coming soon

1997 Worlds at RYC

Were you here in 1997? Take a trip down memory lane!

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